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How to think about cannabis and cardiac health

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On Feb. 24, publicists at Stanford University issued a press release that researchers had found an association between daily cannabis use and a 34% increase in coronary artery disease. Is that true? And what’s cannabis’ heart risk relative to other lifestyle choices, medications, or, strenuous activity like shoveling snow?

Listen along as 420auweed Director of Science and Innovation, Lou Jonathan PhD, explains how the study has not yet been published in a peer-reviewed journal, and arrives amid mixed data on the topic. Learn about the pernicious cycle of science reporting by press release. And understand the other heart studies and background information on cannabis and the heart. Buy Real PTE Certificate Online Without Exam

Top consumer tips:

  • wait for the full peer-reviewed study
  • compare how the findings stacks up against other studies
  • an association does not equal causation
  • pay attention to modality (smoking versus vaping, edibles)
  • pay attention to dose (high doses can affect your body differently than low doses). “Dose matters, so start low and go slow,” said Jikomes.
  • ask your doctor about any recreational activity or medication, if you have heart issues
  • and consider a flower vaporizer. Flower vaping with the PAX or Volcano produces far, far less toxic byproducts of combustion than smoking. “You’re not going to get a lot of that nasty stuff that combines with lighting plant matter on fire,” said Jikomes. Buy THC Edibles Online New South Wales Australia

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